Friday, January 01, 2016

Industrial strength ear protection (and recovery) for the win

Whilst at Officeworks replacing my dead Acer tablet with a Samsung Galaxy a child started screaming in a shop aisle. My anxiety fired and I said to the lady I was dealing with that it was going to trigger my PTSD.

She then told me they sold safety gear on the back wall such as industrial strength ear protection muffs. 

I bought the fattest pair I could find and I took them on the Xmas trip. I was able to sleep with them on while in the car, the fat end of the left muff driven into the pillow with enough bounce left to make it not uncomfortable.

On return home the ear muffs came into the shed for those moments when industrial noise and/or human-caused auditory affliction could trigger my fight (slash) flight.

thewife used the leaf blower on the patio whilst I was in the shed with the ear muffs on. I barely heard it and I was no longer conscious of the noise within a few moments. 

Now that’s not all down to the ear protection—my recovery has progressed and my susceptibility to discomforting noise is no longer as acute.

But they worked a treat to banish the leaf blower noise from panicked forefront of mind to below active perception—the same noise that just a few weeks ago sent me into a "Ah, Godzilla!" terror run from the house.

Industrial strength ear protection (and recovery) for the win.

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