Friday, January 22, 2016

In the Star Wars univerise I sound like Antonio Banderas

Our washing machine at full spin can be a terrifying thing. It thrashes about, rocks side to side and threatens to advance upon you and pin you to the wall. 

I was passing it at the start of one of its moments and I reached out to steady it.

"Woah, " I said in an Antonio Banderas voice, "steady on, my little friend". The machine in that moment seemed like an upset droid from Star Wars and I, the human, was acknowledging both its sentience and emotion.

I was watching Space Jam with my son today. I'd never seen it before. The basic premise is Michael Jordan leads Looney Tunes characters in a game against aliens using talent stolen from real-life basketball players. 

Jordan is snatched from the real world via a golf ball hole and into the Looney Tunes world where Bugs Bunny begs Michael to both train and play with them. 

So it's nice to know that if I end up in the Star Wars universe stolen from real-life via I presume a rip in space-time (1) that I will not only be soothing for the droids but that I will have a kewl Bandaras voice. 

I'd like to think I'd be in the resistance, what with my idealism and all, but, well, it's complicated, sweetheart. Now go to sleep and try not to think where Daddy's money comes from. 

(1) That originally said "a rim in space-time". Delightful. 

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