Saturday, January 09, 2016


I awoke with raging guts and in the space of 15 minutes went thricely—my poor tum a roil of post-evac pain. I've munged meds and am awaiting them to kick in. In the meantime it's Freecell and NPR to take my mind off it all. 

Oh, tummy (pats tummy).

UPDATE: It's later. I had another day of fitful day sleep followed by dutiful exercise. At one point I got in the Zen-mode you get where your breathing, heart beat and exertion seeming in sync. That's rare for me—I detest exercise and the moment there's a pill or injectable robots for that I'm munging those or sticking that in—so it was a pleasant surprise to get a physical high. Like ear medicine actually tasting nice for once. 

Even though I lost time to fuddled day sleep and the worrying of my wound I still got on the bike and rode. Not only that I got a taste of that "my body is wondrous!" feeling those ___ on the front of Men's Health clearly enjoy.


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