Sunday, January 10, 2016

Eep II, the Eepening

Eep II, twice. The second time I went I saw some of the first time was still there. I gagged as I re-flushed and held on as the water cycled before the second go was a go. 

IBS is a great adventure. For me it's a normal part of my every day but it's exacerbated by stress and allergy to dairy—and I didn't have any dairy yesterday.

It must have been the introspection. But that's okay, these things happen. I wouldn't be me if I didn't lie in the dark darkly musing and worrying at my cheek wound. 

I read a piece about Stanley Kubrik and his methodology in making movies. He'd commit to total research in a subject and at one point had amassed a dozen filing cabinets of Napoleon facts for the movie about the average height Corsican—no, he was not short—even though the movie didn't get made. He also had someone photograph every single doorway in a massively long London street. It was for scene location purposes but he wanted the entire street—all of it (1). 

The writer asked Kubrik's wife why Kubrik would go to all this effort and she said simply that was his process. He was Kubrik and he did as Kubrik did.

I'm like that. I'm Mikey and I do what Mikey does. I've always given a shit about people—if there was a party of passed out teenagers I was the person who stayed awake, put people in recovery positions and assisted with vomiting. I'll always give a shit about people. Giving a shit about people is just who I am.

And I take it personally when I can't do that—lying in the dark, brooding, worrying.

So yeah a double massaman and roiling gut pain. But I wouldn't be me without my shitty parts and the shitty parts make me awesome.

The trope about nobility of suffering is true—and I'm a fucking atheist.

What a cheery Sunday morn thought.


(1) UPDATE: I hunted down the article. It's by the most-excellent Jon Ronson; "Citizen Kubrick" from The Guardian, 2006. Salon also has a great article about the film project for Napoleon from 2000.

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