Saturday, January 30, 2016

Before ago desk top is soothing on my anger fist

The person who owned the house before us was an elderly retired priest—our study was his study and when we did the walk around lo it was filled with all sorts of Xtian tat such as gruesome crucifixes and bookshelves of theological works.

When we moved in we found he'd left a desk behind out in the small shed. The desk has a marble-patterned linoleum-on-wood top. When I cleared out the big shed I took the desk in there for the laptop.

I was sitting at the desk in a moment of oratorical anger and I discovered that pounding the desk with my fist didn't hurt as much as it should have and that was thanks to the soothing feel—and give—of the linoleum "marble finish".

If I ever end up in a public speaking gig it looks like I'll be a lectern pounder. So I'll have to make sure I have a protective mat with me that retards the damage from the blow but still enables the sound of the fist pound to carry. There's a reason you're pounding on the lectern; it's for fucking emphasis because you're fucking angry and right in that moment you'll need to (pound) the fucking desk (pound) to show (pound) just how angry the fuck (pound) you are.

I think there's something in that for all of us.

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