Saturday, January 02, 2016

Art therapy

theboy and I sat at the dining room table for three hours of drawing. He did pics of Storyverse married with elements from the Hot Wheels animated series and I did random robots, buildings and abstract patterns. We took ideas from each other's drawings—I did a Wacky Wednesday-style skyscraper, the idea taken from his cityscape pic, and he took an abstract grid pattern from mine and added it to his underwater city picture.

My fingers and palm sides are dotted and slashed with texta ink from a dozen colours, like you'd expect from 180 minutes of free drawing.

I can see why the adult craze for complicated drawing books has kicked off. It was a mellow, cathartic experience but it was far more awesome for doing it with theboy. He has a real talent for constructing images and projecting three dimensional objects on paper. 

I was still doing box houses with box windows and doors with a triangle for a chimney and smoke scribble at his age. Jesus, is this an indication of rapid development ala a Village of the Damned type scenario?

I will have to keep an ear out for a creepy British accent.

As I sat with him I blissed out that I'm alive, recovering and having an awesome time hanging out with my son.


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