Thursday, December 31, 2015

Space outs have some glory moments

Living with recurred anxiety means recurring bouts of deep introspection. I call them "space outs" because I space out from reality for a chunk of time.

But, now and then, a space out comes with a glory moment. When an action taken or discussion had an impact and whilst being lost in the painful past sometimes I find myself in an "alright, Mikey!" moment where something good came of it.

It's accidental when you slip into a space out, they just happen, and currently it's an accident when the glory moments come. So I will have to try when I find myself lost in a "space out" to direct my thoughts to wrap around a glory moment like the tentacles of a vampire squid from Goldman Sachs

Flashbacks and space outs; they don't always have to be bad if you can steer while you're in them. The trick is finding where the fucking steering wheel is.

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