Sunday, December 06, 2015

Pill time at the zoo

One of the joys of having a mind and body best described as a "fixer-upper" (Men's Health) is that I have to take a fuckton of pills. 

So I have a week-long pill box with a side for AM and one for PM.

Thanks both to anxiety and being on a fuckton of pills I have hand tremours—the severity depending on both on how anxious I am and, accursedly, at random. 

In order to fill my pill box I have to handle a basket-load of assorted medical pill containers, which includes opening the containers—in addition to tremours I have a weak grip and my fingers will sometimes just spring open—tipping the containers to get a few pills to drop into my palm or popping pills out of a blister pack then pick up specific pills—some teeny-tiny—and drop them in a 2x1x1 cm space.

So with shaking hands and fingers springing open there's a lot of pill dropping that is not on target—I have the success rate of a half-dead ye olde bombardier.  

Today was refill day and, recognising this was going to happen, I set myself up on the cleared dining room table where I was at a comfortable level and the shiny surface easily showed up where those naughty pills landed to be lovingly-fumbly picked up by me for a second, third and sometimes fourth go at the target.

Took about 15 minutes but, eventually, my fuckton of pills was slotted away.

Of course in doing my pills I realised I took last night a morning head pill instead of a night pill. Missing head pills is horrid because the best way ahead is to suck it up and get through the day and take the next dose as normal in case of overdose. Especially as I'm at risk of serotonin syndrome given the chemical make-up of my morning and night pills. 

I'll probably start getting wiggy early afternoon and I'll have increased susceptibility to a fight (slash) flight triggers with a heightened reaction if a trigger is pulled. I'll probably take the night pill way early and be sleepy bo-bo well before witching hour.

That's just part and parcel of the delish ride that is a person who has to take a fuckton of pills; the actual proper taking of them as well as just trying to get the fuckers into the pill box to begin with.

I sign off with a big ups from me to mah fellow PWD for International Day of People with Disability.  

(Mikey raises shaky power fist salute)

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