Monday, December 21, 2015

New tablet meet not broadcasting router

I had the new tablet ready to use when the router decided not to broadcast a wifi signal. I couldn't work out why. I rested, turned the router off and on again multiple times, rested, then turned it off and on again a few more times. I used my iPhone to google for the router's details using my 3G connection but just as I did I also pressed a button on the top of the router that had a graphic that looked like an old timey radio tower broadcast wave.


That was the wifi button. I didn't even know the router had a wifi button to turn wifi off or on. Now I know and the tablet is now synced to the signal.

The tablet's so skinny. If I sat on it while it was on a surface that had a bit of give to it like a couch I'd snap it for sure.

The tablet powers through a micro USB to USB plug connection but apparently it will take a USB hub too. I got a micro USB to female USB lead on the off chance I can read PDFs I put on a stick (or watch movies on it). We shall see. 

A successful IT purchase just before a trip; am I portending disaster?

(watches sea from widows walk)

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