Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nearly got t-boned

Recently I nearly t-boned a taxi that pulled out in front of me whilst I was on a roundabout.

I felt monstrously superior with my driving.

So naturally the universe of Karmic payback kicked in and I returned the favour—a reverse "Pay It Forward"—when I nearly got t-boned because I wasn't paying attention.

I was headed into Red Rooster drive-thru when, for some reason, I stopped the car before entering the car park to read a promotional sign. Yes, I'd stopped in the road. A jeep, which was proceeding with the presumption I would continue forth, then braked to a screaming halt. That snapped me out of my reverie and with a sheepish "whoops" face drove on. 

It's important to realise that when you encounter a driving fail not to lapse into smug self-praise because it will come back to bite you. 

It's easy to become complacent about driving when in reality, as Bill Maher says, it's one of the most hideously dangerous things you do in terms of likely sudden mortality each time you hop in your vehicle. Because to drive means thousands of pounds metal, rubber and flesh screaming past each other on the road. Medieval peeps would take one look at a car, its form and speed and run for the trees where the metal beast cannot slay them. 

So that's a bad example

Anyway, driving. Many people think they're awesome but they're not (1).

Myself included (2).

(1) Adapted from Sandler's bit on the SNL 25 Anniversary show I just re-watched.
(2) That being said I do not regard myself as a better-than-average driver. I can legally drive a manual (stick) but I wouldn't trust me with me if you want a continuing working clutch and gear assembly. I am a safe driver, though, except for the occasional Red Rooster driveway space out...

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