Sunday, December 27, 2015

Made it back with sanity intact

We saw family for Xmas and just got back. Six days away with two cats and three litter trays left on their own. It went surprisingly well—only two cat vomit stains found so far and the multi-trays worked a treat. 

We stayed in a caravan park cabin, so small you had to turn sideways to get around beds, into the bathroom and even within the bathroom itself. theboy had the top bunk and I had the bottom. It was hard to sleep most nights so I read a book via Kindle on my Galaxy tablet—which wasn't connected to the internet (I just used my iphone 3G for that). 

It was a good visit—and there were no blow ups. No fights, no yelling, no screaming invective down the driveway like last time. I think staying elsewhere to sleep helped with that. 

Instead there were convivial chats and eats along with multiple goes at games, old and new. I got my arse handed to me at Games of Thrones themed Monopoly, knocked out of the game when I landed on Pyke (middle green) with three villages (houses).

I drove the last bit of the ten hour drive home—the only time I drove (1)—and got to, for the first time, use a chunk of new freeway. It's still under construction—it narrowed to a single lane at 40 kph max at one point—but it still felt all "ooooooh" for the experience. 

New roads are dreamy. 

(lies on carpet, kicks heels as chats to gal pal on phone)

(1) thewife did all of the driving, all of the admin, all of looking after theboy and did it in spite of a summer cold. She is increds.

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