Friday, December 04, 2015

Had to accept my limitation

I used to ride SoTPC, my NordicTrack exercise bike, for an hour plus at resistance 12 but then I blew my upper arse muscles out and had to stop riding for nearly two weeks. I'm back to doing an hour of riding a day but at resistance 10. 

The NordicTrack's resistance setting is dodgy—the machine's resistance slips, sometimes slowly, sometimes suddenly and the bike becomes harder to ride without the resistance level changing—and that impacts on the stats collected during the ride making those stats effectively useless.

But I still feel I should ride longer to compensate, even though I am doing the same level of exertion I was before my upper arse blew out, because I am in thrall to the dodgy readout of a dodgy exercise bike. 

So it's Mikey's logic V Mikey's magic thinking at play and logic needs to win—because the computer is wrong (cough), not Mikey.

When the machines rise up, however, I will be sure not to tell them they were wrong—and I will also make it obvious that I can be useful in rounding up others to toil in underground server farms

After-all, I'm a cyborg—that's got to count for something for when the robots come for us.

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