Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ear pronger suspended above bin

You shouldn't use cotton buds to clean your ears but, well, we're all human so we all do. 

I cleaned my ears and threw the double-headed cotton bud, our house calls them ear prongers, into the shed bin.

Well, I attempted to. The dirty ear pronger landed on a transparent spider thread that reaches across the top of the bin about a foot above and the dirty bud is suspended horizontally in mid air. You can't see the web so it really does look like the pronger is defying gravity as if to say "No, though you used me, you shall not discard me."

I suspect the pronger will later stalk me on Facebook. Ha! Joke's on you, spider-web-suspended ear pronger, I don't do Facebook.

UPDATE: I came in the next day to find the pronger is now hanging vertically, like a disgusting, blunt, in no way harmful Sword of Damocles

UPDATE2: Friday, 1 January 2016. The ear pronger landed in the bin during the night. Vale, oh sweet suspended ear pronger.

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