Monday, December 28, 2015

Caught in the rain

theboy and I went for a walk with my brother and his lady. We got caught in the rain and waited it out in a cloister that was filled with office chairs. 

The rain didn't let up and thewife texted to ask if a lift was needed and she came to get us.

So for a good 15 minutes of waiting, the text, and the car arriving theboy and I did Humpty and Stumpty—a made-up story about an adventure featuring them and theboy (1). I forget what the tale was about but his energy, the smell and thrum of rain, Christmas, the sitting with my brother and his girl within a cloistered mound of office chairs, then being picked up and shuttled back imprinted as an experience. 

I may be an atheist but, fuck me, I do love the Christmas season. 

(1) theboy asked me the other day if he thought I'd be A) a super villain, B) a scriptwriter or C) an inventor I said, if I recall, that it would be B but if C happened it could cause A then gave him examples of super villains who had been inflicted with both madness and powers in the cause of pushing the boundaries of science; i.e. inventing. He was not pleased and threatened me with a future visit by his minions should he have them. 

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