Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Anxiety plays havoc with modern comms

The trouble when your anxiety flares is being trapped in a bubble of fight (slash) flight. You have to consciously will yourself out of the state.

Phoning people and even email becomes hard when anxiety flares—especially if it's about topics that causes anxiety. I find myself approaching both phone and computer with trepidation and dread in anticipation of such comms—fight (slash) flight on a simmer.

When the noidies are high I have to actively to remind myself that this is just a normal process, that phones and email are normal things and none of it is to be feared. 

Anxiety, of course, brings up old anxieties. It's easy to get trapped in fixating on events that made you anxious—unbidden you're forced to micro-relive abuses and you have to use CBT to block, deflect or morph it.

But it's onward and upward. I've succeeded at the stressful must-do stuff and now the day is open. When sad thoughts appear I banish with thoughts of the future. 


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