Saturday, November 14, 2015

Went a halfie

I clambered back aboard the SoTPC but set myself an initial limit of five kays. Eventually I committed to maxing at 10.5 and actually followed through by stopping when it came up. I had one stop, at the three kay mark, because fucking iTunes upgrade software popped up and blocked the screen of what I was watching.

So I did half a usual session and my arse did not scream in Lovecraftian terror following the ride. It's actually bearable torment.

A halfie I can do without further hurting from whence I poo. That has to be a good result all around—especially for the still mending cough-spasm-caused blown out upper arse muscles.

It's honestly just such an unpleasant place to have muscles blow out in. 

My fibro and guts are still playing merry havoc, though not dogs of war levels, and I'm getting arthritic burrs and flashes of wincing pain shoot out knuckles and a knee. 

But here I am, still here, and still here I will still be.


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