Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tough, but I'm tougher

It was a tough day. I had to hear some brutal feedback, honest-and-firmly delivered, and that all followed a morning dental visit which including a needle and the still-feel-it-shudder that is the drilling out of a wounded tooth.

I didn't have a proper lunch break—I crammed down a pink donut from a cafè in about three minutes, eating it right out of the paper sack like from the nose bag on a horse—and just kept working, trying to catch up on all the work that built in my week away. 

Pain still ripples in my gut and from my fibro from a sub-conscious that is grappling with the latest excitement down at the mental health ranch. 

So it's a dark day, literally as it's raining as I type, water slashing against the tin roof of the shed. 

But how about this. In spite of my blown out upper arse muscles I am going to try and ride the SoTPC. I may not crack an hour, I'll probably just 10 minutes. It's the longest break I've had since hip surgery—I haven't ridden all month due to injury. 

I am ever surprised at my capacity to bear pain. 

I guess it's from all the experience I've had.


UPDATE: I did an hour and 13 minutes. Fuck pain. 

UPDATE2: I awoke in upper-arse-muscles torment. I over did it and set back recovery. Oh, Mikey, sometimes you just have to man up and not man up. 

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