Monday, November 23, 2015

Tablet back, back to normal

My trusty Acer tablet suffered a glitch a while back but fortunately it was under warranty. I had to nail the date and total amount of purchase to prove I got it from where I got it and that it was less than 12 months old to get it accepted but once it was I got it back inside two weeks. I've been making do with theboy's mini-iPad and my iPhone5 but it's been irritating—especially with the return of hand tremours that makes navigating small screens difficult.

So I got the tablet out of the box and got to work setting it up. One reset of a password and much swearing later I was back online. I even managed to put Kindle back on and sign into my account without too much hassle—although the cloud had forgotten where I was up to in the ebook I was kindling when the tablet crashed. 

It's nice to have that weight back in my hand and to have a screen that big to navigate and read with.

There you have it—a successful warranty-activated adventure. However, I accept the chance there is the chance, ala Logan's Run (1), that there may be a self-destruct bit of code in there that's set to blow not long after when the warranty expires and which will nudge me to get a new machine. 

No ... that's too evil.

Or is it?

UPDATE: The fucker crapped out with the same error not less than four days later. Mendoza!

UPDATE2: Officeworks gave a full refund. They said if a repaired item fails once more, that's it, you get your money back. I have to hand it to Officeworks. They honoured the purchase, they sent it for repair and, when that repair failed, they refunded us. I do love decent treatment by big stores.  

(1) There's this scene in the movie where the protagonist activates a random sexual encounter teleporter that basically teleports in a woman who wishes to have sex. It's a bit like one of those apps for hooking up only with less transmission and reassembly of living matter. Yes, their society invented a teleporter—an incredible leap of technological science—and they basically just used it to get it on with randos. Good one, Logan.

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