Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Not worried about the US elections in 2016

I'm not that worried. Barack Obama will campaign for the Democratic nominee and the nominee, if it's any of the three running, will be buoyed from that support—and deserve it too. People forget Obama's power at getting out people to vote; Romney didn't even have a condolence speech prepared he was so sure Obama's machine would fail. Obama is the emperor of modern US presidential campaigning—and like Clinton (and, yes, G W), joined the two terms undefeated club.

Still, it's going to be an interesting election with just under a year to go. Whilst I admire the comedic chops of Trevor Noah I do miss Jon Stewart—the sheer wealth of material that he would have gloried with. I expect someone is going to offer Jon Stewart a Dick Cavett or Larry King style talk show where he has full creative control. That, or to run CNN.

Anyway, the US elections. Pretty much the most awesome elections evah—and you couldn't make this shit up. Seriously. An editor would say "19 characters is too many; this isn't Game of Thrones"—and that is (slash) was just the GOP side.

It's just glorious; pass the popcorn.

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