Monday, November 16, 2015

Fuck the grumpkins

I'm tired of belly aching. Here's some awesome stuff.

The black cat curled on my tummy as I read one of my new Knights of the Dinner Table comics. I've saved up the last seven issues for a mass read when I needed it and, well, I needed it. I'm up to #221.

I was lying on my side so she nestled in the dip twixt my hip and shoulders. It took my mind off the yuck.

I did a ride on the SoTPC and it wasn't too bad. I hurt and ache but no more than I did before so I am riding at a decent level for time and resistance without causing damage.

I had a range of goat cheeses bought for my no A1 protein cheese person. I get to sample them—cheeses!

When my guts are less crippled, of course. But, wow, how cool!? Worth the interrobang, I say.

I had an interesting bus ride. I had to bus from work to a Canberra bus node point and was on a 42 minute journey. A 90-year-old woman just started talking to me about a third of the way in so I accepted the offer, introduced myself, and sat next to her. She took my mind out of my my ache and told me stories of loss, redemption, horror and love. Not bad for a 25 minute chat. And she's 90, travels by herself during the week and is mentally and physically engaged—even though she lives in a retirement home. She's probably the nicest old lady I've talked to since Veda on the morning of my escape from hospital following my hip replacement (1).

So I had a stressful day, setting up support mechanisms and admin arrangements, but I had a nice bus ride and a lovely chat with an old lady. She remarked as we got off that people chided her for the habit of starting bus conversations with randos but said "What harm is there? They either talk back or they don't. Besides, I'll be dead soon."

She was kewl; Mrs A she said her name was—she actually said "Mrs A—." (2)

I may be afflicted with hideous discomfort and unpleasant flashes of fibro, four visits from the RHS fibro fairy today alone, but I am supported and I am looked after—and I am actively looking to improve my health. Not only that I got to read KODT, got given an array of cheeses and had a nice chat on the bus.

I may not have "my health", but I am fighting for it.


(1) theWife and I were watching a movie in the patients' lounge and awaiting the doctor to say I could go when Veda turned up to wait for her intake person to come collect forms. theWife and I started chatting with her about her operation to get her first hip replacement replaced at the age of 85. Veda told us hip replacement war stories from the '70s. They were a happening time, man. 
(2) The — was implied.  

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