Sunday, November 22, 2015

From two years past and just as true

From where I sit in the shed with the laptop when I look up I see a tranche of statements of worth along with the date.

One of them is "I'm the wizard of Oz" from two years ago.

And it's still true. 

I get to walk the earth knowing I mattered. Not many people get to do that—and I achieved it not in spite of disabilities but because of them.

Having super un-powers is the trade for super powers but it's a trade worth making; I got to be the change we see in the world.


UPDATE: The leaf blower was on and we have a small house with a swampie air conditioner which means the windows need to be open a crack to refresh the air. I thought I was okay with the noise then rapidly became not okay. I frantically searched for ear plugs, found none, grabbed the car keys, ran outside, wrenched open the door bending back a little finger nail, couldn't find the car set of plugs, abandoned the car and run-flopped up the street in my new brown slippers as fast as I could safely go.

Panicked running in slippers is not recommended. I had to run-flop until I couldn't perceive the drone of the blower and ended up opposite the new house that replaced the one that burned down two years before. 

I paced and waited and tore off the damaged nail and paced and waited then eventually risked a return. 

I now know where the ear plugs are with one set in the kitchen and a set in a small plastic tub in the shed. I think I'll invest in some sort of industrial strength ear protection as well, like big fuck-off ear muffs they wear on construction sites.

So please let me stress the super un-powers do bite the wang. Even if they're worth it.

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