Monday, November 09, 2015

Double puddle toil and trouble

With thanks to The Scottish Play (1).

The other day I had to do a chunk of stressful work. At the end of it, when I got home, I munged two Valium to take care of the jitters—heightened anxiety, hypervigilance and hand tremours.

As I woke the next morning my arse exploded, the innards not the outer still-blown out arse muscles, twice—two puddles. I even crested the rim; of the of the seat, no less.

Two Valium and two mud puddles. It may just be correlation but I am assuming rapid diarrhoea is a known side effect.

Let's see... nope, super squirts not listed.

I guess I'll put my "chunk of minced stool" down to "chunk of stressful work". 

Hooray for Wikipedia! Hooray for Jimmy Wales and Brandon Harris!

Keep up the great work, lads. 

(1) Yet another reason why I love Wikipedia (1a)
(1a) The wiki entry for Edwin Forrest, a protagonist from the above wiki, is also most awesome. Especially for this bit of the 19th century actor's start at age 14: 
After Forrest’s father died in 1819 he attempted, in short procession, to apprentice with a printer, a cooper and finally a ship chandler. When attending a lecture early the following year he volunteered to participate in an experiment on the effects of nitrous oxide. While under the influence of the gas Forrest broke into a soliloquy from Shakespeare’s Richard III that so impressed John Swift, an eminent Philadelphia lawyer, he arranged an audition at the Walnut Street Theatre that led to Forrest's formal stage début on November 27, 1820 as Young Norval in John Home’s Douglas.

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