Thursday, November 19, 2015

Angry, snotty shed cry

I was due for one. It's a normative part of having an anxiety spike. I'm not frightened, I'm just sad and angry. And as I often did during my recovery I had an angry, snotty shed cry.

So it's out and I feel better for it, though drained. Fortunately I'd just replaced the dead tissue box with a new one and was able to sponge out the tear-snot that runnelled into my thick moustache. 

But I will counter that with music that I love then a ride atop SoTPC. I also added another reminder to my shed door of my courage and fortitude—a Memento-style statement of worth I write within the shed where I spend much of my recovery time. When I get trapped in a cycle of hurt I look out and see something past-me wrote to remind now-me I am worthy and I am strong.

That's powerful wellness, powerful.


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