Tuesday, November 10, 2015

... and soil and trouble

In spite of the jitters, fibro and raging IBS I made it into work.

At lunchtime I sharted. 

Fortunately past-Mikey came to the rescue with a spare pair of undies he'd cached in a plastic bag some three years before.

Past-Mikey, always thinking ahead. Well, in this case, about his bum.

I feel a bit like Jekyll and Hyde, in that my logic brain is fine but my animal brain is not.

I made it home, cleaned up, had a Valium then wrote in the shed under the beating rain. My guts are still a quiver and yet to realise that all is well.

I will get there—I always do.


UPDATE: I idly checked blog stats and found this post had recently been accessed. I read it and I laughed. Go Past-Mikey! Of course, I cleaned up some errors. That's just how Now-Mikey rolls. 

UPDATE2: It happened again—and I'd only just moved the new plastic bag plus fresh pair into the bottom drawer.  

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