Tuesday, October 13, 2015

So that's what a normal feels like

As a person with an infirmish bod—I get around but meh—I'm in constant pain, especially when walking. Even when riding an exercise bike—with my weight lifted from my decaying right hip from sitting down—my anal (slash) coccyx goes numb then sets in with a fiery ache.

I got to the end of the first show I was watching—I typically see three episodes of a series during a session—I kept riding instead of dismounting to set up the next ep. I had a lot to process and thinking about such things whilst riding made it less anxious.

I drifted from my thoughts and became one with my body, effort and exertion thrilling and pain dulled to a dot (1). Then I realised what had happened and thought "So that's what a normal feels like."

But then if I was normal I wouldn't be me—and I would not not be me for quids. 


(1) I was also medicated, that helped a bunch too. 

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