Monday, October 05, 2015

So I gave birth to a puddle

My IBS is raging. I awoke to gut pain, but liked being in bed so much I hoped it would pass. 
It did not. It built and built and built until VROOM I was off and out it came. 

My stomach and guts still churn and spasm, like the after shocks from a quake. 

I've had to med up big time. Once again I've been saved by a public holiday for had this been a work day I would not be there. The toilet at work is a one minute dawdle, perhaps 20 seconds on the trot. At home it's just 10 seconds from anywhere in the house thanks to our compact domicile. 

That, and the eye-watering gas that came after I returned to bed to moan piteously as I distracted myself with news sites on the tablet. That gas will surely keep on coming—can't inflict that on a workplace.

Mikey—living with tummy upset since the early '70s, man. 

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