Sunday, October 04, 2015

Oh my stars (waves face with fan)

I just did my daily ride of the SoTPC, an hour and eleven minutes because I rode about two kph less than normal.

I was fucked before I got on, my decaying right hip having given worm sign of an impending replacement for the last several weeks and with arthritic pain flash from my right knee, and the disinterest level was acute.

I feel better for having done it. Not just physically, but mentally. For in the words of Galaxy Quest, "Never give up, never surrender". 

Now The Venga Boys are playing as sweat runnels down my back fur (1).


(1) UPDATE: I'm proud to say I have the Google #1 result for "sweat runnels down my back fur". I could have also added "then pools in the manky gusset of my undies following its slow crawl through anal-hair crevasse" but I didn't because I am classy.

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