Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Needed a second opinion

When home I try and ride SoTPC for an hour plus each day—20 kays and a bit.  The seat takes my weight so my decaying hip and arthritic knees are mostly supported—though I struggle to walk, riding a stationary bike I can still do (1).

I twerked my back and therefore cannot ride. But I still felt I had to get a second opinion as to whether I should not ride after hurting my back—and after I talked it out it was a "der, no". But I needed the out, I wanted them to give me the out.

I feel like an unwilling hero whose lover races up and begs him to choose life in shame with her rather than certain death at the hands of X who then bravely says "fuck that" to the chasm of eternal doom and fucks off with her on the back of a unicorn.

I am rationally able to determine that I cannot ride due to injury but still needed someone to say it was okay not to do it.

Oh, Mikey, you are a beardy contradiction. Accept it and love the joy of your arse not hurting for the next sixty plus minutes.

"Mmm, pain-free arse" (... gurgle...)

(1) I discovered yesterday I get arthritic pain-flare bursting out of my right knee and thigh if I have the fan blowing on me during a ride. So that will be a fun cost-benefit calculation to make come Summer. I'd like to see a Summer Coke ad campaign set around that! An older, short, balding half-naked man in his shed with sweat streaming, unable to cool down save for the cool deep quench of a (Insert X) Coca-Cola. Except I haven't drunk I Diet Coke in about eight months, quitting cold turkey after realising that artificial sweetener likely contributed to tummy troubles. Adios, one of my last vices. So that's no more green lid Dare iced coffee, and no more Diet Coke. I now drink water and A2 milk. Yay...

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