Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Little black ants are back

The little black ants are back. They bite. They currently infest the path twixt house and shed. 

Currently—I just dropped a cloudkill on them.

Hey, I'm live and let live when it comes to nature. But they bite—they swarm and they bite. 

So they started it. 

Oh, they tried to pretend I started it by stealing some of my toy soldiers and using their now broken bodies as "proof" that I invaded a radio station in their territory but their fake casus belli is see-through at first glance. 

Nice try, ants.

UPDATE: It's raining and the ants are dead. It means their horrid little bodies will soon be washed away and I won't have to dwell on the fact I just committed ant genocide. Hooray for the cleansing power of rain!

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