Friday, October 02, 2015

Killed another keyboard ... or so he was led to think

This time it was the one for the good laptop—needed because I don't like using a laptop keyboard for the way your wrists have to sit upon it and the seeming fragility of the keys. 

I must have murdered about 10 keyboards at this point. This laptop booster just deceased had six characters partially-to-totally rubbed away from the keys tops from my two finger power strikes before the connecting cord broke within and the computer could no longer link to it.

Sometimes at work I type so fast and with such downward thrust-power that I sound like a journo in an old time pre-PC newsroom bashing away at a mechanical typewriter. The frenetic clickety-clack causes the occasional gophering from WTF? colleagues weirded out by the noise (1). 

What can I say? I'm a passionate writer and that passion comes with theatrical semi-physicality.

So adios, cheap black keyboard whose A, S E, I, M and N keys departed ahead of your cord's internal parting, you served me well.

(Mikey prepares to solemnly carry keyboard to throw over fence and into the skip).

Wait, stop everything. I took it out of the grey three socket hub and plugged the keyboard straight into the laptop and it works. 

So the hub is to blame.

Well played, hub.

(1) I also tend to mutter as I type typically whispering the words as they are struck into the machine. So I'd sound like a mentally damaged journalist at and one that the cadets are wary off; "Don't sneak up on him, mate, or he'll scream then throttle you by the tie".

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