Thursday, October 08, 2015

Gold patch goodness

I'm not a praise whore—I don't actively seek it—however if I do get praise then I make sure that those who need to know now know that other people agree I am awesome (1). It's as much for protection as anything else—it's hard for people to slag you off when you have a record of people saying you produce good works.

Today I got two emails on a report I sent out thanking me for producing an awesome report. 

That feedback spawned a gold patch, that spray of your ticked off calendar days where the day boxes glow gold with good works, and it buoyed me immensely. I'll need that good time feeling as I enter the dark tunnel of toil that lies ahead. 

Mikey, producing wellness since, well, forever!


(1) It should be noted that any negative feedback also gets passed on along with an explanation of how I fucked up if I fucked up. If I've learned anything in my career it's to be honest when you fuck up and then to own the rectification of the fuck up.  

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