Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A thin streak of brown

I've had raging IBS since the weekend. It's the normal peak of the IBS pain cycle but it's been exacerbated by stress. I pushed through it, and lunch hours as well, to get the must-do tasks done in spite of the distress and only then did I tag out.

Knowing I was in just to do the must-do I forewarned the danger of sharting and leaving a thin streak of brown. 

It happens.

My ghastly abdomen is a roiling torment of spasm and bloat and I've tooled up on meds to take the edge off.

Before me lies SoTPC, the exercise bike, that I'm still going to try and ride in the face of Hurricane Wednesday that is being internally enjoyed. It helps, the riding helps. Maybe it's just moving stuff around, or maybe it's the body saying "FOCUS ON THIS FUCKIN' HORROR INSTEAD"? But whatever the reason riding helps.

But getting on still feels like a wall I have to climb.

(Gazes upward at sheer scale of physicality awaiting

UPDATE: Climbed it, feel better. But, Holy Snek, that was not fun. Still, big ups to me for putting the ability into disability. WFTW.

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