Thursday, October 22, 2015

A surreal bat sighting

I work in a place that comes with a chunk of the surreal by sheer dint of subject. But outside—proper outside, as in nature—then strange things abound as well.

I was walking back from my power fisting of parliament house (1) when across my path sped five cyclists, all in helmets. 

Four were normal biking people, shorts, cyling gear harness, the headgear and so forth, but the one person different, and in the lead, was Batman.

Yes, Batman. He had a yellow stack hat crammed over his cowl and he was riding a classic '70s girls bike with the basket on it.

There was a stereo in the basket and yes the stereo was playing the Batman theme song from the '60s TV series

I turned and watched as they rode off, turning to the left to continue on around a square, the strains of the theme fading from ear-sight—"Batman!, Batman!, Batman!". 

"Well," I thought, "that's fair enough then, I suppose." (2).

(1) I take a walk each day and find a spot to face parl house and aloft my fist in triumph that I am still here and serving with good purpose. WFTW.
(2) Actually, I just thought of that then and big ups to Rik Myall for the bit (from 10:05)

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