Monday, October 19, 2015

A complicated day

I had a complicated day. After it was over I sat on the bus quivering. It was a high stress effort of additional responsibility, dealing with negative feedback and discovering a massive error that had to be rectified before close of business. To solve the error took a dozen phone calls to track people down, panicked convos, decisions made then implemented and all in the space of about 45 minutes. If it had not been for a colleague who spotted the error then fixed it once we knew how to fix it then, well, it would have been a lot more complicated.

I whimpered myself off the bus, staggered home, de-briefed on the horrors, then staggered to the shed in an effort to ride SoTPC. 

Some days ... some days...

I'm still shaking from the stress of everything I had to deal with. To top it off I was vilely sick with IBS both yesterday and today and would have taken the day off had I not had so much to do.

But, I'm Mikey and I'm resilient. Even a horror stress day like this will fade before the combo of TV on a laptop and dreaded mandatory exercise. 


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