Monday, September 14, 2015

Wellness walk breaks are vital to restore the spirit and lift sagging will

I had three walks today and today was glorious. A perfect Spring morn then afternoon.

I make sure to take a break from the computer every ninety minutes or so, typically going for a recharging short walk as part of it. If it's raining then I'll find somewhere under cover, even doing laps of floors if I have to. 

The breaks also help me figure my way through various work issues and the break from the PC allows reflection then consideration of actions to take. 

Although if I do work out work in my head I find myself charging back in softly repeating a mantra of like "I need to do X, then Y, then contact Z and resolve AA" over and over until I get back to my desk so I don't forget.

So it must just sound mad to the other people in the lift.

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