Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Thanks, past-Mikey

past-Mikey is my hero. He is. This may be a be a bit of a reverse timeline MM at the Oscars and self-praisy (1) but I look back on what past Mikey has endured and the steps he took in the depths of sickness and despair and just marvel. That he got up, again and again, and tried his best to help everyone he could including his future self.

Good on you, past-Mikey, you fucking rock.

(Mikey salutes comrade past-Mikey)

(1) And, let's face it, he's also gone third person. That's never good sign of a healthy ego at play (1a).
(1a) "You've gone from no self-esteem to too much self-esteem. We need to bring you down to a medium level."—Mikey's doctor.

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