Saturday, September 12, 2015

SoTPC wheezes like a steampunk exo-suit

SoTPC, the second of the truly used exercise bikes I have used, is a couple of years old. The resistance setting slips in mid-ride and you can end up doing considerably more effort than the resistance setting implies. 

It almost always slips to "harder" resistance too. 

After I stop riding some mechanism stays active within the bike, something spinning within perhaps, and that's what the wheeze sound is.

In the future the aged and infirm will likely have exo-suits, a flexible robotic frame that supports a frail human body. 

So SoTPC sounds like one of those, but a steampunk version where it's all industrial steel, grease, rivets and spouts of steam hissing from the joints. 

Well played, alternate steampunk-version-of-Earth.

UPDATE: It's the radiator that's making the wheeze noise, not the SoTPC. And the radiator literally looks like it would put forth steam. So it's still steampunky, just more steam than punky. Or less steam. 

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