Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Ooh, a toughie!

I'm in the second last level of the Watcher's Keep in Baldur's Gate II. A bunch of evil turned up when a key was turned and it was a hideously difficult fight—a beholder, two level 20 something fighter types, two demons and some other horrid thing. 

But I was patient, and died several times in the process, but eventually I worked out a strategy to defeat the evil—buffing the poo out of the lead tank and sending him in with a fuck-off war hammer. 

That and magic resistance lowering spells then pumping magic missiles into the stripped-bare of protection ghastly horrors. 

Mikey gets there in the end. 


UPDATE: It's raining and I'm in the shed. What a pleasant way to end a night.

UPDATE2: Made it to the last level where there's a circular chamber with chains snaking out of the wall and where beneath the imprisoned Demogorgon lies. I poo'ed out seven spike traps—my PC is a 14th level Illusionist/Thief—over three days of busy activity then activated the freeing of the prince of demons. 

Who was then insta-killed by the spike traps. 

Two staircases snaked out of the walls of the chamber and up to portals that led outside or to the level above. There was a balcony that overlooked the room below. I imagine the party lined up there, iron rations broken out, to enjoy the arrival then sudden departure of the avatar for one of the most feared creatures of the D&D universe. 


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