Saturday, September 12, 2015

Old brown slippers rezzed like the Mountain

With thanks to season five of Game of Thrones. So there are spoilers.

My old brown slippers recently took a battering when I walked through puddled rain water. Made of cardboard and low quality textile they nearly fell apart.

But I've rezzed them. I used theWife's silver gaffer tape. My initial attempt failed—I used teeth to cut the tape and the jagged edges didn't stick down properly. So I redid it, this time with scissors and lo they are okay.

I will keep them as shed slippers, to wear where my ALDI yoga mat doesn't cover the bare concrete floor beneath where the laptop chair sits. 

Never again shall I expose the old brown slippers to the rain.

So it's not really like the Mountain getting his Frankenstein's-monster-like resurrection because "he" grew tougher whereas old brownies ... well, let's just say they're not what they used to be and leave it at that.

All hail gaffer tape.

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