Friday, September 11, 2015

It's like I was hit with a Melf's Acid Arrow

In the Baldur's Gate series of PC games there's a spell called Melf's Acid Arrow. If you're struck you take acid damage for a number of rounds (six seconds) depending on the power of the caster.

In the PC game your character portrait turns red from the bottom up when you take damage. And there's a little icon of a red arrow at the base of your PC's pic. Each round, when the acid damage kicks in, the affected character yells in pain.

My old ladies have fired up. I think it's both weather and subconscious. As I rode great stabbing pains shrieked out of my right knee and right shoulder. Each time a flare landed I yelped in pain. From outside the shed It'd sound like a Baldur's Gate character taking acid damage from the spell. 

But it's not forever; it's just for now.


UPDATE: I had a womb shower. I feel a bit better. 

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