Monday, September 21, 2015

I'm like Dr Johnson from Blackadder

There's this scene in Ink and Incapability from Blackadder III where Dr Johnson of Dictionary fame gives an impassioned speech about how focused he has been on his writing task that he missed people sexin' it up around him.

Johnson: Where is my dictionary?

Edmund: And what dictionary would this be?

Johnson: The one that has taken eighteen hours of every day for the last ten years.
   My mother died; I hardly noticed. My father cut off his head and fried it
   in garlic in the hope of attracting my attention; I scarcely looked up from
   my work. My wife brought armies of lovers to the house, who worked in
   droves so that she might bring up a huge family of bastards

Today a fierce squall hit Canberra, a wall of black cloud heading east over the Capital and unleashing rainy fury. 

I missed it. Oh, I was there. There were windows behind me. I could have both seen and heard it. 

But I was so focused on my assorted tasks that I only noticed it post-event when I walked outside to see the puddled aftermath. Earlier, when outside, I had seen the black wall of cloud coming, even spoken about it with others, but forgot about it all when I become one with my PC.

Mikey—fuck the weather, I got a report going!

(1) Excerpt taken from script at this Blackadder scripts website.

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