Tuesday, September 22, 2015

From the perspective of an ant

It's tough being a low echelon super competent. You've got these super powers but you have to deal with the views and attitudes of less capable people. And if you work in a an org with a rigid hierarchy that challenge happens more often than not. The trick is to educate not berate and show them the way ahead—but that doesn't always succeed and the challenge back is to try to accept it when it doesn't.

I had to deal with upsetting paperwork, scanning it in for reference. I made the mistake of reading chunks of it and getting angry, sad and the jitters all in one. The lack of understanding and rigidity shown was glaring and bright—a perfect example of what not should be.

But I ford on, even as my body shudders with the pain of my burdens, because I am just that fucking awesome.

Besides, I'm a super hero—and all super heroes have super burdens.

(Mikey stands, hands on hips, cape fluttering).


UPDATE: My old ladies are flaring lightly, pain squeaking out of my right shoulder. Curse you, subconscious!

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