Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Feedback accepted then acted on, my nizzles!

Earlier this year an internal reporting website was launched with minimal fanfare. Upon first using it I saw a hole—a chunk of data that should logically be collected at that interface point analysis of which could clearly identify the trouble spots.

So I pinged "this is a hole and it needs to be fixed" as feedback and heard nothing back.

The hole remained.

It was frustrating. But, I knew someone in the depths of that area and pinged it to them and asked them to ping it on.

Recently, I had to use the website.

The hole was fixed—an additional intake option for reporting was there to catch that data.

I can never be sure that was the Mikey wot won it but, fuck, I saw the hole, reported it, got blocked, siddle-reported it then there it is, the hole patched over.

That's full on WFTW right there.

I'm the Tenacious D of the bureaucracy, my nizzles.

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