Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Every argument is experienced differently by each participant

The adage "there's two sides to every story" is a true-ish one when it comes to arguments. Every participant comes away with their own interpretation of what was said, what was addressed—even what insults were hurled.

Maybe an argument is like a cloud of snowflakes—every flake is unique but it's still in the same snow fall.

Stress pain lingers. It's not the shrieking stabs of days gone past but my shoulder is like an echo of past pain, radiating light agony as if to say "remember me?" from years before when acute lances of stress pain landed every five minutes. I likened the feeling then to that scene in Terminator Two when the female protagonist has been stabbed through the shoulder by a finger needle of steel from the terminator before her and the robot twists its finger blade around in the joint, grinding bone on bone. 

But that frequency of incidence and acuteness of pain wasn't forever—and it's not now. Sure, I am always in pain but I'm no longer in that much pain. I get better every day—even when an old argument flares and I have to cop the aggro to my bod.

I'm Mikey and wellness is my mission.


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