Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Debbie Downered

I've always been the sort of person that when confronted with a "good news and bad news" situation asks for the bad news first. Maybe it's depression and anxiety—or a realistic understanding of the world—but I've always presumed the good news will be affected by the bad news and I'd rather know the limitations of the bad news than the possibilities of the good news. 

But it's a total Debbie Downer way to say hello when you get home (1).

I had a tense moment with anger and tears. But it was a moment, not forever, and sure I got a packet of stressful stuff to read, but I should have led with "I had three amazing walks—beautiful day, birds singing, parl house in the background and I felt great". 

My pond's day involved a couple of fish I didn't want to see but for most of the day it was "nice brunch" fish, "great team mates" fish or "wow, what a great day to be outside (slash) still ambulatory" fish (2).

That's a pretty sweet school of fish to have swimming inside you.  


(1) This Salon interview with Rachel Dratch from SNL—that talks about this bit—is awesome.  
(2) Though I am not sure how a non-ambluatory fish would function, if they could at all.

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