Friday, September 04, 2015

I need a grabber for my grabber

I have trouble bending—I can do it but it requires effort, ideally some leverage and pain. So I have a grabber, a claw-like gripper on the end of a short shaft with a handle you depress to make the grabber close.

I keep it near my clothes hamper so I can transfer clothes from the floor to it. 

I also drop things a lot. It's due to medication and injury. My hands with spring open of their own accord.

Yesterday, during a clothes transfer I dropped the fucking grabber twice. Both times I had to bend, with the resultant difficulties, to retrieve it.

That's when I realised I needed a back-up grabber so I can grab the original grabber—a grabber grabber. 

But by stretching that logic to breaking point I'll create a recursive loop of activity that will result in the world economy focussed entirely on meeting my grabber needs.

Something to ponder.

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