Friday, August 28, 2015

Wear it Purple Day

Wear it Purple Day

A long sleeved purple buttoned shirt—albeit partially concealed by a grey-tinged-with-white office-man sweater vest. 

A purple(ish) hat with the Ford logo on it.

A fluffy, purple, non-spiky wool scarf for my neck. 

I look fabulous. 

UPDATE: I shared a lift with a fellow purpler I told him I looked fabulous and he agreed. So that's battle-tested fabulousness, right there. Mind you, social nicety would have probably led him to agree irrespective of the purpleness or appeal of my attire (1).

No, I will not doubt myself. I rocked the snot out of Wear it Purple Day. 

(Mikey raises fist for his LGBTI comrades)

(1) It should be noted that he looked amazing—purple-hued David-Jones-manalogue amazing.

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