Sunday, August 30, 2015

The faint tingle meant it was time to go

With our longish lifespans we humans have to say goodbye to things that die. Our first two cats, for example, who died within six months of each other. Numerous toasters, phones and computers and so forth.

Today it was the turn of the bar heater. I'd been dodgy for a while in that unless the cord was bent all the way to the left the heater wouldn't turn on, indicating a connection fault. 

Tonight, as it was on but "not on" I touched the metal and felt a tingle. 

Especially given theboy was mucking with the heater as he watched me kill a dragon in Baldur's Gate II I knew it was time to go. 

I heaved the dud heatrer into the canvas trash pak we have for bulky trash and broke out the radiator instead. Fortunately it's more spring than winter here in Canberra and so I fear not the cold. I'll probably get another bar heater at some point, a cheapie from Bunnings most like.

Where else can you get a device that would amaze any cave person, heat without work, you can get a sausage on a bit of bread?

I think cave people would vote yes for a sausage. If, that is, they could understand voting and the decision didn't go down to who had the biggest club and capacity to wield it.

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