Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Talking helps

Recently I saw my shrink. A psychiatrist, as opposed to a psychologist. I have now seen three psychiatrists this year, along with my psychologist several times. 

That's a lot of shrinkage.

It was good to talk—about the negative events I've experienced of late then about the positive ways I responded. That I had looked for, then implemented, constructive or robust solutions instead of just marinating in anger and hurt (1). I realised that I felt better in body and mind.

My resilience levels are strong and high. Even big whacks to the ego and Id barely put a dent in me.

He smiled, told me how well I was doing then bade me good luck. 

I see him in a few months for a catch up.


(1) Oh, I'm physically sore but that soreness is ebbing and soon I'll be back to mere low-grade pain. Knowing I'm getting better makes me better faster. Double WFTW.

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