Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Swooped in

More like crawled in. It took three minutes to reach the doors from where I got dropped off about 100 metres away—all downhill. The walk was agony.

But I had lots of meds and made sure to use wellness measures at point in the day. I knocked my daily report out of the way and even did some e-filing, a job well-loathed by all who have to e-file. 

Now, I'm about to ride SoTPC, or Son of The Purgatory Cart, my second exercise bike (1), for an hour. 

It's amazing I can go from barely walking to riding lots in just the span of a day. 

That's Mikey's body adventure—a random cacophony of incapable and capability.

(1) Technically, third exercise bke. We owned one as a couple for five years that we just hung clothes on. I think I used it a half-dozen times. It got dumped when we moved house years before. Now I use 'em serious-like, fo' shizz. 

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